Phone and Device Batteries


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USBCELL will be available for a range of major phones, Smart PDA and portable devices.

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They save you money and help reduce waste in the environment.

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Overview & Features

Never worry about forgetting your phone charge cable or running out of power during the day.

With USBCELL for phones, games devices, Blackberries, you can simply open your device and fold and recharge from a USB, whether you're at home, in the office, or staying with friends or relatives.

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Product Benefits

Digital Camera Charging
Never run out of power when you need to upload your photos

Continue typing on that Blackberry

Or just keep on playing portable game devices

Easy Phone Charging
Simply remove the back cover of your phone and charge from USB. No need to remember or carry a phone charger or adaptor
Product Pipeline
View our pipeline of other battery formats
Recharge from USB
Batteries can be removed and charged from USB