USB and Technical Information FAQs

Does the USBCELL last as long as other rechargeable batteries?
The capacity of USBCELL is 1300mAH – this is greater than some ordinary NiCad and NiMH batteries. Some new high-capacity NiMH batteries can go up to 2500mAH. However, with USBCELL you can simply recharge or top-up by plugging into a USB port rather than going off to find a wall charger and adaptor. Make sure that the battery is fully charged – the charge should take about 5 hours by USB and the light should go off when USBCELL is fully charged.
Does the type of USB port matter?
Most USB ports are ‘powered’ and capable of providing up to 500mA current at 5 volts. USBCELL can draw up to 250mA - about half of this maximum current. It is therefore not suitable for unpowered USB ports capable of providing only 100ma. Because of the AA size of USBCELL, it may be difficult to insert into some inaccessible or recessed USB ports. If it’s difficult to insert, don’t force it!
Can I charge from a USB hub?
USBCELLs can be charged in most powered USB hubs. These should be connected to an external power supply during use. In some powered hubs, USBCELLS can be charged even without the connection to a PC, provided that the power is connected. Some USB hubs are not separately powered, and so these may not provide enough power to each socket. If you do need to use an unpowered hub, we recommend that only one USBCELL is charged at one time, with no high-power peripherals connected.
How do I know my USBCELL is charged?
When charging from a USB port, a small LED light at the USB end of each USBCELL indicates that it is charging. If the cell is already charged, the LED should start flashing within 15-25 minutes and stop after a further 10 minutes of top-up charge. If the cell has less charge, the LED will stay on and the battery will continue charging until full charge is detected at which point the LED will flash for 10 minutes. If the USBCELL was fully discharged it will charge for 5 hours and then trickle charge for 90 minutes. When the LED switches off, this shows that the USBCELL is fully charged. Batteries get warm during charging, to a peak temperature when fully charged. It is therefore not recommended that you recharge batteries again immediately after charging. Batteries should always be charged at room temperature.