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Help us reduce wasteful Battery disposal

Every year over 15 billion alkaline batteries are thrown away creating needless waste. Significant energy and materials are consumed in battery manufacture.

Rechargeable batteries offer major advantages, by being re-usable; however, they require large adaptors/cables which reduces their portability and ultimately the likelihood of their being recharged many times.

We USBCELL you can save money and do your bit to help the environment. If used properly, you should be able to recharge your USBCELLs easily several hundred times.

USBCELL Recycling Details

Both the packaging and the USBCELLs can be recycled. Keep the packaging for future reference. It's also a useful place to store the USBCELLs.

Please recycle your USBCELLs when they have reached the end of their usefulness: send them to us free of charge (within the UK) and we’ll deal with everything:

Moixa Energy Ltd.
Unit 9, 10-11 Archer Street,
W1D 7AZ, United Kingdom

We recommend sending in a discharged state, preferably in their original packaging; in a strong padded envelope, please let us know when you bought the product.

UK Battery Recycling Schemes & Information

Please find below recommended links to find out more on how to recycle batteries in the UK:

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