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SaveBatteryWaste.Com provides guidance and resources on recycling batteries, including links to council policies and the most comprehensive map of UK Battery Recycling Collection points.

Join us!

During the Climate Week the Moixa Energy team will collect used batteries from all offices in Primrose Hill for recycling. If you are willing to do the same in your office building or in your area, please contact us and we will help you find your closest battery collection point. You also will receive a 50% voucher for a purchase of a USBCELL pack.

USBCELL is the world’s first truly portable AA rechargeable battery which makes recharging AA batteries easy- simply plug the USB connector found under its cap directly into any USB port to recharge up to 500 times. Save Energy and Save Money!

Why Recycle

  • In the UK, we get through 680 million domestic batteries every year, that's over 19,000 tonnes of batteries!
  • Most batteries contain toxic chemicals such as mercury, cadmium and lead.
  • Only 5% of dead batteries are safely destroyed and recycled.
  • The remaining 95% of dead batteries end up with normal rubbish in landfill, causing soil and water pollution.
  • EU law requires the UK to be recycling 25% of batteries by 2012 (or they may fine the UK!)

Where to Recycle

Save Battery Waste Map

    Got a drawer full of dead batteries?

    Not sure what to do with them?

We tell you all you need to know right here.

Check out our easy to use battery collection point map or details on your local council's collection schemes and help save millions of batteries from ending up in landfill.

Useful Resources

Find posters, web and media images, school, office and store material to support the Save Battery Waste Campaign to reduce waste.

Special Offers

Special offers from Moixa Energy - USBCELL, sponsors of this site, including discounts on USBCELL, the eco-friendly alternative to throw-away batteries.

USBCELL batteries are a great way to reduce battery waste as can be re-used hundreds of times.

They simply plug into a USB port to recharge on desktops, laptops, games devices, saving the hassle and waste of a charger. Each USBCELL can save over 3kg of landfill and 7kg of C02 in basic re-use.

To learn more visit www.usbcell.com or SWITCH to USBCELL today: to give you a helping hand see our 50% off special World Environment Day promotion when you send us a photo of you recycling batteries.

About Us & Campaign News

USBCELL Man collects waste batteries Launched for Earth Day 22nd April 2009, Save Battery Waste is aiming to make a real difference in helping consumers and stores recycle batteries.

NEWS: USBCELL Man Collects barrel load of waste batteries at UK Aware Exhibition - London Olympia - 17-18th April, in support of launch of SaveBatteryWaste.com campaign.

NEWS: Flintshire backs SaveBatteryWaste Campaign in Cheshire

NEWS: SpringField USA promotes USBCELL in helping USA save battery waste. (CNBC - WWLP TV News)

savebatterywaste.com is sponsored and managed by Moixa Energy Ltd, makers of USBCELL batteries (www.usbcell.com) as part of our ongoing campaign to help reduce battery waste.

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