Recycling Advice


By 2012, the UK will be required to recycle 25% of its domestic batteries (see Recycling Directive for further details of the EU Batteries Directive).

A mere 3% of domestic batteries are currently recycled in the UK. There is little infrastructure within the UK either for the collection of used batteries or recycling the batteries once collected. Often the batteries will need to travel many miles to a battery recycling plant (only 1 in the UK) and many batteries will need to be transported overseas for recycling, which will add a significant C02 cost.

USBCELL can save you money and do your bit to help the environment. If used properly, you should be able to recharge your USBCELLs easily several hundred times.

Please recycle your USBCELLs when they have reached the end of their usefulness: send them to us free of charge (within the UK) and we’ll deal with everything:

Moixa Energy Ltd
Unit 3, Primrose Hill Business Centre
110 Gloucester Avenue
London, NW1 8HX
United Kingdom

We recommend sending in a discharged state, preferably in their original packaging; in a strong padded envelope, please let us know when you bought the product.

UK Battery Recycling Schemes & Information

Please find below recommended links to find out more on how to recycle batteries in the UK:

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