Gift Box of 10 USBCELL packs (2xAAs)

Code: MX-R10----

Special Offer - The Perfect gift for your home or office - 10 packets of 2xAA cells. (20 batteries total)

Availability: Europe, USA, Canada , Australasia, Asia (Japan, Singapore, Korea)

Overview & Features

Avoid the 'batteries not included' problem - give your home and office a present - Greener Battery makeover - Batteries that can be easily recharged by USB.

Perfect for your home/office wireless mice, keyboards or controllers. Never run out of power again, by simply flipping off the lid and plugging into the nearest USB port.

Product Benefits

10 x 2-AA Packs
Makes an ideal gift, stocking filler or present.
Box of 10 Packs
Packaged in a cardboard point of sale box.