Retailer Kit - AA USBCELL

Code: RTE2-MXAA0

Price: £35.00

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Retailer Evaluation Kit for sample/review use only.
Availability: Global - Evaluation Purposes Only


Overview & Features

The evaluation kit comprises:

- 2 packets of 2xAA USBCELLs (designated - not for resale)

- An example point of sale box

- Product promotional leaflet

This kit is available globally for evaluation purposes only. Packaging on the sample is in English.

For international despatches, the buyer is responsible for any local import duties/tax that may apply.

Product Benefits

2 Packs of 2 x AA Cells
2 Sample packs of AA cells (2 cells per pack).
Display Box Example
Example (English Language) Point of Sale box open (10 product packets for illustration only). Only 2 Packets included with Kit.
Point of Sale Box
Provides an example point of sale box for 10 packs (English language use)

Delivery Information

This product is available globally to interested retailers.

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