Eco Collectable: The London Collection - 2 x AA USBCELL


"USBCELL Collectables" - a new Eco Collectable special edition from the "London Collection". An ideal gift to stand out from the crowd, and keep your products alert. Pack contains 2 x AA USBCELL batteries.
Availability: Europe, USA, Canada , Australasia, Asia (JP, SG, KR), South America, Africa

Overview & Features

"USBCELL Collectables" is a USB rechargeable AA battery, that makes the perfect gift, helping to keep your products all in line, fully charged, standing to attention.

Simply recharge in USB ports on laptops, computers and games devices, or in a regular charger.

Each pack contains 2xAA USBCELL batteries.

This special edition is part of our new Eco-Collectible range of special batteries, forming the London Collection.

Product Benefits