Gaming Pack - 4 x AA Batteries

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Special Offer - Gaming pack of 4 AA reusable USBCELL Batteries. Ideal for toys, cars and Games consoles. Charge 2 batteries in Xbox,WII,PS3 and swap with batteries in games consoles, toys. SWAP and PLAY - keep gaming over the holiday season without running to the shops in the middle of the XBOX/WII marathon.

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Overview & Features

USBCELL batteries are green and mean - they save you money and help planet by being less wasteful than nasty alkaline batteries.

Each USBCELL can be recharged in regular chargers or via a USB port by simply popping open the lid and inserting in USB ports on desktops, laptops, games consoles, powered hubs and other devices.

Product Benefits

Avoid Hidden Cost of Christmas
USBCELLs are re-usable, charge anywhere or even in regular chargers. Hundreds of millions of Alkaline batteries are thrown away at Christmas, saving money/waste.
Recharged Anywhere ™
Simply recharge in laptops, desktops, hubs, games consoles.
Swap and Play ™ in devices
Easily charge cells in your game station, XBOX or WII and just swap over to continue play. Saves money and waste.