USBCELL Ecoman for London Mayor

USBCELL Ecoman for London Mayor

1st April 2008

London, April 1st 2008, At the Eleventh Hour and to give Londoners a real choice, USBCELL Eco-Man has been nominated the Eleventh candidate to be an Alternative Mayor of London.

Fresh from the worldwide impact of Earth Hour last Saturday, which saw cities from all round the world turn off their lights but a poor show in London with many offices needlessly leaving their lights on over the weekend, USBCELL Eco-Man has entered the race for a better London, and pledged to help Londoners LONDOFF, and save energy, waste as well as tax.

USBCELL EcoMan has already made great impact at helping to reduce battery waste through promoting USB rechargeable eco-friendly USBCELL Batteries. The UK throws out 22,000 tonnes of batteries each year, yet by better sustainable design – many products and services can be redesigned to have less environmental impact today. USBCELL has been recognized internationally for sustainable design – most recently picking up a prestigious GOLD IF Product Design Award as a top 50 global product, Energy Entrepreneur of the year and the UK National Energy Efficiency award in December.

USBCELL EcoMan, announcing his candidacy, said “I believe London needs to LONDOFF - we need to switch off more to reduce energy waste and rubbish, have less government and less tax, and spend more time relaxing. We need a Mayor who can deliver a safer and greener city - greener and more efficient transport and housing, and a more fun healthier environment, not a 24 x 7 workaholic city that never sleeps”

As the only Battery to be nominated to be an Alternative Mayor, despite all the publicity around Bunnies at Easter, USBCELL EcoMan is all charged up to help Londoners. Consumers can lend support by asking about USBCELL at major high-street electronic and office stores such as Currys, PC World, Comet, John Lewis, Dyas and Staples or visiting USBCELL.com.

By combining new technology and sustainable and innovative thinking, USBCELL EcoMan aims to help London become a true 21st Century Green and Efficient City and with a reduced carbon footprint of 20% by 2012 and 50% by 2020 through a mix of short term actions and long term infrastructure investments

Manifesto recommendations for London Mayor include:

Airports – No Third runway at heathwoe. New Airport in the Thames Estuary that will also act as new Thames Flood defence and renewable wave powering 15% of London energy

Energy Sabbath – away from a 24 x 7 always on mentality, with incentives to LondOFF (switch off energy overnight/weekends), and enjoy more family and sleep time

Less Government – Don’t mess with things that are already working

London Learning – Web leverage to help Londoners relearn during recession/down time

Off-Grid Homes – Help Londoners get rid of inefficient AC/DC converters in homes and power more portable and always on devices by renewable solar sources and adopt low energy lighting

Green Roofs and places – encouraging greener spaces, organics and better insulation

Parks under parks – more parking spaces under parks, freeing up road capacity & for cycling

Underground – piped Thames water for cooling in the summer, and better electronic displays outside stations on any delay status

Crime – 24 hour Satellite filming of all London streets to help reduce street and property crime

Council Tax – removal of single person council tax discount for under 50s.

Monorail – efficient above ground monorail between major overland stations, key shopping and tourist locations

Maximize the Thames – the inevitable ‘Boston Big Dig’ of London – cross London tunnels under the line of the Thames providing advance cross-rail, motorway and service and waste infrastructure, and additional surface boat and ferry facilities

Street Parties – Know your neighbour events and street parties and festivals

Sports London – campaign to support inter London borough and company sporting events for London health and Olympics build up.

Recycling – better collection services and incentives

School Buses – Electric Buses for London Schools

In a fast moving world, consumers need roll models like USBCELL EcoMan as both their mascot and their champion to raise and achieve these challenges. London needs more than politics and argument, it needs action and good ideas, we need to put the Great back into Britain and London.

About Moixa - USBCELL

USBCELL EcoMan stands for sustainability in products and services, and is supported by Moixa Energy (www.moixaenergy.com , www.usbcell.com) - a new London company that pioneers better renewable energy that can make a difference now, and portable power battery technology (such as the USBCELL rechargeable battery range launched to help reduce the 15 billion batteries – equivalent to a column of waste to the moon and back, made and thrown away each year).

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