Recent USBCELL News

Recent USBCELL News

14th November 2007

Launched at the end of September 2006 - USBCELL has since spread through word of mouth & mouse across the blogosphere: Appeared in most major papers from WSJ/USA Today/FT/Times,magazines and blogs. Attached are some examples of recent press coverage, gift recommendations and reviews:

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Treehugger 15th Nov Christmas Green Gift Guide

USBCELL Wins IET Award IET 2007 Engineering Awards

UK Energy Efficiency Awards USBCELL Finalist for UK Energy Efficiency Award

Wired Test Annual Green Laptop accessories

INC Magazine Top Green Gadgets

Christmas Gift Guide Holiday Gift Ideas

EcoGeek Green Breathing

Coolest Gadgets Renewable Technology

Clinton Global Initiative Clinton's eco-friendly Gift Bag

Off Grid CGI 2007 Clinton's eco-friendly Gift Bag

Intelligent Life Inside Clinton's Schwag Bag

YouTube USBCELL Man at Notting Hill Carnival

ndNowyouKnow Video Review

TechDigest Review USBCELL vs Alkaline Test

Engadget Fashion Batteries make their Debut

USBCELL saves a well known journalist their Super Bowl XLI Experience Columbus Alive 8th Feb

Computerworld Saving the Planet the Easy way

Design News 31st January

IT Week - IT Week 29th Jan

Reuters - Reuters 26th Jan

LaPresse - Canada - Technaute Front 22nd Jan

IHT - International Herald Tribune

Financial Times - Business

The Gadgeteer - Review

Churchill Club Annual What's Hot - Mossberg/Swisher et al on personal technology 14-12

Engadget - Boys Gift Guide 06-12

The Onion - AV Club Gift Guide 06-12

Morning Call - Top Gifts

NeoTeo (Spanish) - Top Gifts

Portel (Italian) - Usbcell, la ricaricabile via Usb arriva in Italia

Kolyom (Israel) - USBCELL

SME (Slovakia) - USBCELL Review

LetsRecycle - Waste-Saving Revolution

BBC World Service Batteries Podcast 26-11-06

San Diego Daily Transcript - Products with a Twist 13-11-06

Mania TV Review - TV review 09-11-06

ABC World News - The Daily Gizwiz 06-11-06 and ABC News 10-11-06

Trusted Reviews - Detailed User Review 30-10-06

French TV - Batteries with Longest Life ( In French) 30-10-06

Engadget - Frontpage 31-10-06

CrunchGear - 30-10-06

WSJ - Wall Street Journal 20-10-06

FT - Financial Times 29-09-06

USA Today - USA Today Money Section 28-09-06

New Scientist - New Scientist 30-09-06

T3 Magazine - T3 October 09-20-06

Engadget - USBCELL batteries feature built in usb

Blogs - Some of the blogs

DV hardware - review

Trusted Reviews - Battery Breakthrough

CNET Review - Recharge Over USB

Gizmodo USBCELL batteries recharge through your USB.

Interesting Blog Demo & Bono

Pocket Lint USBCELL batteries recharge through your USB.

Technorati - More blogs

Digg USBCELL batteries recharge through your USB.

Sci-Fi USBCELL Battery Breakthrough

USBCELL in Hollywood USBCELL warms up with Bond and De Niro

Netscape Gadgets USBCELL batteries recharge through your USB.

New Launches - USBCELL batteries recharge through your USB.

Computer Active New Rechargeable Batteries meet environmental needs.

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