Royal Wedding - USBCELL Special

Royal Wedding - USBCELL Special

18th November 2010

We are pleased to release one of the first souvenirs to celebrate the recently announced Royal Wedding between William and Kate.

As an ideal gift for your royalist friends, and to help reduce battery waste, and save money in these austere times, please check out our William and Kate customized USBCELL Battery

Alternatively we have a special Christmas Tree USBCELL Pack released today -

Royal Wedding Special Christmas Special

On the Bandwagon? Or Proactive Marketing?

Much has been said in the recent days about how the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton will be a boost for the economy. Much has also been said about how this event will encourage companies of all shapes and sizes to ‘cash in’ on the big day. Actually though, these two schools of thought actually need one another to be true.

It has been said that the Royal Wedding will be a boost to the UK economy to the tune of £1billion, but in order to achieve this figure will require consumers to put their hands in their pockets and purchase whatever merchandise is on offer. And in times where consumers are still cautious as to where there money goes, the bar is set high. People will be caught in the euphoria but they won’t be taken for a ride.

Some might say that it would be folly to take some sort of moral high ground and not seek to capitalise and get consumers spending.

Moixa Energy have launched their own version of the award winning USBCELL. The decision to manufacture the commemorative version of the battery was undeniably based on increasing sales but also giving the buying public the opportunity to purchase something that is functional, cost effective, green and convenient – all factors that are as important to consumers as the commemorative factor. And unlike many commemorative items we will see on the shelves, it can be used for a couple of years, enabling this to be an item that doesn’t get lost on a shelf.

It also reflects our company’s ability to react quickly to requirement. Need a quick but excellent corporate gift? Need to show some clients or customers who you are? Please see options and contact us.

So to conclude, yes, Moixa Energy are on the bandwagon, but within the UK marketplace you must go where the action is happening. There should be no shame on being on a bandwagon, if that means you are within a group of fellow businesses who will be making that £1 billion spend happen. And it’s even better when your product is functional, useful and unique....

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