Moixa Energy on the Charge

Moixa Energy on the Charge

7th November 2008

London, 7th November 2008 - In the absence of a decision by the Government to implement the EU Directive on battery recycling, Moixa Energy has taken the lead with the launch of its Alkaline Awareness Campaign and ‘CO2 Saver’ USB rechargeable batteries.

With Christmas and the peak gift-buying season just around the corner, this well-timed campaign aims to increase consumer awareness of the harmful effects of disposable alkaline batteries on our fragile environment.

In a world increasingly populated with an ever-growing number of wireless and portable devices, battery consumption has risen significantly, resulting in some alarming statistics:

- In the UK, 680 million batteries are purchased each year

– an average of 21 per household - British consumers throw away a staggering 20,000 tonnes of batteries every year, of which less than 5% are recycled

- The UK currently has no battery-recycling infrastructure or facilities

- Batteries disposed of in landfill degrade over time, leaching toxic chemicals into our soil and waterways

In an effort to reduce this waste and provide customers with an innovative and convenient solution to standard rechargeable batteries (which are generally only recharged around 6 to 8 times), Moixa Energy launched the USBCELL – an environmentally-friendly rechargeable battery with a difference. Using Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) chemistry, the USBCELL does not contain cadmium, the toxic substance found in traditional rechargeable batteries. Patented USB charge technology enables charging anywhere, delivering uncompromised functionality and portable, on-the-go energy that is easy on the environment – and the pocket!

In support of the Alkaline Awareness Campaign, Moixa has released a limited edition ‘carbon footprint’ USBCELL to illustrate the savings consumers can make by making ‘greener’ purchases. Each limited edition USBCELL recharges from any USB port and is branded with an eye-catching carbon footprint design. Like the standard cell, it is capable of saving up 7kg of CO2 and up to 3kg of toxic landfill waste from just 50 uses. The USBCELL can be recharged up to 500 times.

We can also design your very own custom USBCELL in as little as three weeks - the perfect Christmas gift for valued clients, staff and conference delegates.

For advice and information on battery recycling, the EU Batteries Directive or to secure your limited edition ‘carbon footprint’ USBCELL visit http://www.usbcell.com/eco

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