Go Green - Corporate & OEM USBCELLs

Go Green - Corporate & OEM USBCELLs

1st August 2007

Over 15 billion batteries are made and thrown away each year equivalent to a column of batteries to the moon and back, causing significant CO2/Resource waste in manufacture and toxic landfill. This is really bad.

USBCELL is helping consumers save hassle, money and waste, as can be re-used hundreds of times without needing to find/carry or buy a separate charger. USBCELLs are estimated to save several KG of toxic waste and C02 emissions compared to using lots of "Rubbish after one use" alkaline cells.

USBCELL was recently commended for best product design of 2006 alongside the Ipod Shuffle and is now available online to 50+ countries and is being stocked by some of the worlds leading brands and store chains, in PC/Peripheral, Travel, Gaming, Camera and regular battery sections and for large volume OEM.

In moderate/high volumes we can custom print an additional corporate logo on the battery for conference promotion use, or direct marketing programmes. Each USBCELL carries the USBCELL brand and required battery markings, and a custom Logo.

USBCELL as well as being a top innovative, useful conference giveaway, also offers exciting OEM Bundling opportunities and with products and Direct Marketing or Preferred customer benefits. What better gift this fall for your customers than a battery that can be used in wireless mice/games consoles, carrying your brand or web address (Example). It's good for consumers and for the environment and gives excellent brand visibility.

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