I'm not an Alkaline Battery

I'm not an Alkaline Battery

27th April 2007

It’s not just plastic bags that are wasteful and bad for the environment. Over 15 billion batteries are made and thrown away each year – equivalent to a column of batteries to the moon and back, causing significant CO2/Resource waste in manufacture and toxic landfill.

Moixa Energy’s USBCELL Rechargeable Batteries, are aiming to reduce battery waste through being re-usable hundreds of time.

Until now Consumers only had a choice of ‘Rubbish after one use’ – disposable alkaline batteries, or a rechargeable that was anchored to the mains via a bulky charger or cable.

*** TechDigest Review USBCELL vs Alkaline Test

“We found that consumers don’t like throwing away batteries, but often give up on normal rechargeables after a few recharges as they require carrying/finding, or remembering where the charger is or which one to use”

Our USBCELL batteries have an embedded USB port and charge circuitry, so can also be Recharged Anywhere and simply via USB port on a desktop in the office, laptop when travelling, or Home PC of Games Station (PS3/XBOX/WII).

Battery consumption has risen due to the shear number of wireless, portable and MP3 devices that are battery operated, so if you use a computer USBCELL is an ideal no-hassle, economic and less wasteful solution for everyday battery devices.

As a result of global interest, www.USBCELL.com is now the most visited battery manufacturer online, and USBCELL AA packs are now sold in 50 countries, and available at many of the UK’s leading chains such as Currys, PC World, John Lewis, Maplin, Micro Anvika, Ryness, Science Museum, Design Museum, and online sites such as Apple, Firebox, IWantoneofthose, Gizoo and arriving soon at other high-street stores and store-groups internationally. It is available today in AA formats, and later in the year in other formats, with announcements due on product versions for leading mobile phone designs, blackberry and other portable/gaming devices.

Moixa Energy is calling for a consumer led revolution – as it is only through changing consumer behaviour through better more sustainable product design that a real impact can be made in the short-term on reducing waste and needless CO2 lost in production.

Moixa Energy CEO - Simon Daniel comments “Europe’s CO2 emissions are not just the 14% allocated domestically, but perhaps double this if we consider the global impact of our product consumption of products/foods manufactured overseas and imported. It is up to companies and product designers to deliver better products that meet the demands of a growing consumer revolution”

“It is simply nonsensical for the world to produce and throw away the equivalent of a column of batteries to the moon and back every year. Add to this the 10 billion mostly inefficient AC/DC converters which power modern home and portable devices, often thrown away in a year, and you have a totally unsustainable and poorly designed approach to modern life. We’re working on designs and products to reduce this – by better leveraging renewable solar/wind sources that are great for such DC applications, but have poor performance for high power AC.”

USBCELL has been commended as a finalist for the Design Week best product design of 2006, and was recently selected from 25,000 applications to be one of a small number of products appearing in the D&AD 2007 Annual D&AD 2007 Annual which goes live by end of April)

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