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Intellectual Property

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All Intellectual Property in USBCELL ® and its associated packaging and publicity material, photographs and marketing literature belongs to Moixa Energy Holdings Limited. All rights reserved.

USBCELL ® is a registered EU and U.S. registered trademark US78883785, US77003430 of Moixa Energy Holdings.

Proprietary Intellectual Property Rights in USBCELL (covering USB Rechargeable Battery formats) includes any or all of the following:

Granted Patents and / or patents applied for; registered designs; trademarks; copyright and design rights and trade dress.

Examples include: GB2420659, GB2438437, GB3024931, GB3020248, GB3020247 Taiwan M308508, CN200580040272.3 (CN101065717), US11/211934 (US7375494) , US D577,333, US11/753381 (US20070273327), WO/2006/056744, PCT/GB2007001827, EU CDR 000303664-001/002, EP5802613.9, EP1842125 KR 2007-7014325, JP 2007-542086, AU2005308671, CA2588502, CTM005304068, CTM005142252

The USBCELL product or any associated material may not be copied, reverse engineered or otherwise reproduced in whole or in part without express written permission (constituting a licence) from Moixa Energy Holdings Limited.

Recharged Anywhere ™ (US78883847), Easy Energy on the Go ™,(US78883854), Swap and Play ™ (US78883832) are US trademark applications of Moixa Energy Holdings Ltd.

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