Customized USB Cells

Customized USB Cells Moixa Energy offers a branding service for USBCELLs as the ideal eco-friendly and practical promotional gift or corporate give-away. Perfect for gifts to employees, customers, clients, guests or conference delegates.

Customized USBCELL offers excellent brand visibility when charged in office or home computers and its unique and innovative design adds a WOW factor and draws attention and curiosity wherever presented.

We are offering organizations the opportunity to associate themselves with an award winning device and to promote their environmental credentials and awareness of sustainability issues and reduction of carbon footprint.

The Branded USBCELL was successfully handed out to the delegates at the Clinton Global Initiative meeting to promote awareness of environmental & sustainability issues.
Customized USB Cells Standard turn-around time is 2-3 weeks depending on size of order.

For information about pricing, minimum orders or to request a mock-up of what a branded USBCELL would look like with your brand/logo, then please contact us at:

info@moixaenergy.com Tel.+ 44 (0)20 7734 1511

Customized USBCELLs are provided subject to Moixa Energy’s Terms and Conditions (available on request). Please note the following (a) branded USBCELLs are intended for use as a promotional tool and not to be offered for resale without Moixa Energy’s written consent (b) Moixa Energy carries out all printing in house and does not provide unbranded product (c) in limited circumstances, Moixa Energy may refuse certain brands if they conflict with existing commercial arrangements.