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About Us

Simple re-useable Energy

USBCELL is a product of Moixa Energy Ltd., which is a spin out of Moixa Energy Holdings founded, by Simon Daniel and Chris Wright.

Our mission is to invent and deliver technologies that provide consumers with better solutions for their mobile or home power requirements that are more usable, economic and environmentally friendly.


USBCELL - Time to Recharge the Battery Market

With over 15 billion batteries needlessly thrown away each year, and with the increasing demand for portable power by modern electronic devices - the battery has simply not caught up with the needs of modern life.
Traditional rechargeable batteries have never been truly portable as they are dependent on chargers or adpators, and so most consumers prefer single use alkaline cells.

about us

With USBCELL we aim to change this balance by enabling consumers to Recharge Anywhere, without needing or carrying an external charger. With over 2 billion USB ports on modern computers and devices USBCELL can be charged easily at work, On the Go, or at home.

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Future Roadmap

We will be launching further formats, advanced cells and USBCELLs for phones, cameras and other devices.

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